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Investment Advisory

EGC Portföy Yönetimi, bünyesinde bulunan tecrübeli ekonomistlerle profesyonel bir yaklaşım sunarak, müşterinin yatırımlarını değerlendirmesinde yön verecek bir şekilde, onların ihtiyaçlarına yönelik yorum ve tavsiyede bulunabilmekte, bu anlamda müşterilerine yol göstermektedir. Bunu tamamen tarafsızlığından ve dürüstlüğünden ödün vermeden yapmaktadır. Bunun yanı sıra, müşterilerini yorum ve tavsiyelerle yönlendirirken müşterilerin ihtiyaçlarını, bilgi düzeylerini ve risk algılarını bilerek hareket etmelerini teminen “yerindelik testi” uygulamaktadır. EGC Portföy Yönetimi, yatırım danışmanlığı hizmeti için T.C. Başbakanlık Sermaye Piyasası Kurulu tarafından verilen bir lisans ile yetkilendirilmiştir.
  • to give advices in such a manner that leads the investors to take the most appropriate investment decisions by considering the information acquired in the suitability test
  • to prepare investment comments and recommendations diligently and objectively; and
  • to support their investment comments and recommendations by reliable sources, data, documents, reports and analyses, and in cases where doubts about the certainty of such sources exist, to clearly state this fact; and
  • for the sake of informing investors completely and accurately, in their comments and analyses regarding a public offering of any capital market instrument, to use the information included in prospectus and other sales-related documents if published, or otherwise, to state that prospectus and other sales-related documents containing detailed information about the said public offering would be published; and
  • to not to ever give any promise or guarantee for providing a certain predetermined yield; and
  • to include all kinds of forecasts, estimations and price targets by clearly stating that they are only forecasts, estimations or price targets, as the case may be, and to describe all material assumptions used in their formulation and
  • to not to provide any false, wrong, misleading, or groundless information, news or comments about finalized or ongoing issues within the field of activity of the Board;
  • not to use the research results, which may affect the investment decisions of investors, in favor of themselves or in favor of any other third party before disclosing them to investors.
  • to not to use any misleading, deceptive, untrue, wrong or inaccurate expressions, or expressions that may result in exploitation of investors due to their lack of knowledge and experience or subjective and exaggerated phrases such as “most secure”, “best” or “most reliable” in their comments and advices

Within the context of Investment Advisory activity conducted by EGC Asset Management;

  • Adequate summary information about principles and methodology of assessment and appraisal used in determination of target price for capital market instruments; and
  • Meanings of expressions such as “buy”, “sell” or “hold”, including the investment term included in the advice, and appropriate risk warnings about the investment, and sensitivity analyses on assumptions used in assessment and appraisal; a Information on identity of the person(s) who prepared the investment comments and recommendations.

If the extent the information is materially long relative to investment recommendations and comments, provided that no change occurs in the appraisal and methods, making a clearly and conspicuously reference to a direct and easily accessible site, such as a link to the internet website of EGC Asset Management is adequate.










Resources, Investment Strategies and Analysis Methods:

EGC Asset Management makes use of the following resources, investment strategies and analysis methods while conduction its Investment Advisory activities:


  • Official resources such as CMRT, TurkStat, Undersecretariat of Treasury etc. and any/all statistical data contained in such resources,
  • Certified, paid data distribution channels of Borsa Istanbul and Futures and Options Market (VIOP),
  • PDP notifications and announcements,
  • Research reports and domestic/international reports about economy, companies and sectors

Investment Strategies and Analysis Methods:

EGC Asset Management offers customized short, mid and long-term investment strategies to investors with different risk profiles, in light of data obtained from the above mentioned resources. Basic objective of the investment strategies is to achieve the targeted profit in line with predetermined risk. Advices and comments shall contain strategies and action plan. EGC Asset Management shares its analyses by evaluating the daily, weekly or annual economic, political and social developments.  Basic analysis, technical analysis, statistical analysis methods as well as quantitative and qualitative approaches are implemented for analysis. Upon request, EGC Asset Management shall describe its methods of analysis.

Sharing Information and Advices:

Information and advices are shared via e-mail, telephone and internet. Within framework of Investment Consultancy activities, various consultancy products with differing content, term, scope of advice, risk-yield compliance, information and data details are shared with the client. These products are shared with the client through printed, verbal and visual means, especially via e-mail and telephone. Upon the contents of information and developments in the market; the reporting periods of these information and advices may vary such as daily, weekly and or monthly. It is essential that products and advices are shared with the  clients simultaneously and by the most rapid means.

Corporate and individual customers who has signed Investment Advisory Agreement  is entitled to send their queries via e-mail and telephone and/or through info@egelico.com

Conflict of Interest:

EGC Asset Management is responsible for disclosing to their customers all of their relations and circumstances which may affect the objectivity of comments and recommendations provided in the course of investment advisory activity and particularly, their material financial interests regarding the capital market instrument covered by the comments and recommendations, or their material conflicts of interests with the issuer thereof. The obligation is valid and applicable also for all real persons or legal entities that work with the EGC Asset Management within the context of an employment contract or without any contract, and who are involved in drafting and preparation of advices.

In the event that EGC Asset Management and the issuer, referred to in the comments and advices provided hereunder, mutually hold 1% or more of paid capital or voting rights in each other, or have management privileges, or are parties to a credit agreement, a lease contract or other material financial relation, the information relating thereto is required to be disclosed to the customer.

EGC Asset Management shall refrain from conflicts of interest that may arise during its works, and must not allow any intervention that may affect their integrity and impartiality. The Company, acts based on the principle of protecting the clients against the market conditions and overseeing the priority of client interests.

When a conflict of interest arises directly or indirectly, first of all, EGC Asset Management shall oversee interests of client, and treat the clients fairly if conflict of interest among the clients may not be prevented.

EGC Asset Management shall adhere to principles of honesty that will oversee interests of investors and integrity of market, and must prevent the conflict of interest in their relations with the client and establish an organization that will be suitable for this purpose.

Employees of EGC Asset Management Investment Advisory may not provide advices and transactions that would not result in favor of the client because they oversee their own interests.